I'm Lady Winchesta!

Hello, I'm Daniela, also known as Gilraen to my elvish friends from Middle-earth. I originally come from Prague but now I live in Buffyverse, District 12 (far away from the evil Capitol), near the place called The Wardrobe (if you live there, be careful - winter is coming! again).
I'm currently studying at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
My life motto is "When I get sad I stop being sad and be awesome instead" and I agree with most of the Wizard's Rules. I think there's nothing we can't face in our lives. Except for bunnies. But otherwise we can face anything, if we have salt. What else, well, I don't like promises (I mean if ifs and buts were candy and nutts we'd all have a merry christmas;), I don't use the C-word and I hate focking Nazis. I used to have a temper, now I have a passion for justice.
I have a major announcement to make. One day, I shall live in New York and have a couple of good Friends here and after forty I'll move to Florida and find myself a new gang, let's say Cul-de-sac crew. I'll also buy a ship and name it Swan Queen.
You should know about me few more things: I'm a Stoner, Benzoholic, my password is 422SwSlDaR1105!, I like being weird, declarations of love amuse me, especially unrequited, I'm a bowl of soup, and I believe in Sherlock Holmes. I honestly believe that bitches get stuff done. And I'm selfish and I'm (probably not) brave.
That's probably all. I said it. I meant it. I'm here to represent it.

This is my everything blog but in case you didn't notice yet, you'll find a lot of Doctor Who, Supernatural, Orange Is the New Black, Orphan Black and Hunger Games stuff here. If you didn't understand at least half of the references in my description, it might be a bad idea to follow me.
Consider yourself forewarned.
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Hot In Cleveland - What 4th Wall?

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